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How to Get More Fitness Boot Camp Clients

Sell once and never sell again. If you are not using EFT (electronic fund transfer) or auto debit in your fitness boot camp then you are going to hate life when you have to go, resign, and resell the same people repeatedly every 4-6 weeks.

Sell the big package first. It is just as easy to sell a 12-month commitment, as it is to sell a month-to-month program if you know how to form an offer the right way.

  • You get the peace of mind of knowing that you have reliable income and your client gets to commit to a program that gets them results and teaches them to make it a lifestyle. In addition, clients who commit to 12-month programs are three times more likely to say with you for multiple years.
Don’t chase your dreams, chase your goals. Start your business off right by setting goals. How many new members do you want within the first 30, 60, 90, and 120 days? Set goals and work towards meeting and exceeding them.

Learn different on and offline marketing techniques. Having multiple marketing outlets will help you to bring in prospect and leads. Once you find a couple of different methods that work, stick to them.

Develop a foolproof sales system that overcomes common objections. Instead of just winging it when trying to close a client, create a script to help you squash any predictable objections like not having enough money or enough time to join.

  • If you do not have a selling script and system that is predictable and proven to sell, then you are going to struggle no matter how many leads you can get in front of you.
Don’t lower your prices to make a sale. Lowering your prices is not an effective way to sell, instead try to teach the value that your fitness boot camp business can bring to the lives of its members. Show them that you are worth every penny because you are the only fitness boot camp expert in your area, and by signing with you, they can get the results they are after.

Give your clients results. It does not matter how much they like you, and how they think of you. They signed up for one reason and that has to lose weight and keep it off. If you do not deliver measurable and quantifiable results, then they are out!

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